Black Lives Matter in Ulm

Note: English is not our native language, the following is translated mostly with help from the DeepL Translator. If you find errors (or some funky german style sentence structure) feel free to write us.

Sent to us by INPUT Ulm, which held this text in a slightly shortened version yesterday (13.06.2020) at the Black Lives Matter rally in Ulm.

Structural racist violence – police

All cops!?

Right now it is once again a topic: racism in the American police. A man was brutalized and ultimately suffocated by several white police officers. Our thoughts are with George’s relatives and the black community during these difficult days. The latter is justifiably taking to the streets and experiencing, as always, enormous violence and brutality at the hands of the police. But there are some things we are fed up with – and here are some clear statements: Yes, militant and non-peaceful forms of protest are okay! Change has to be fought for and that is what people are taking to the streets for. Who now asks for pacifism, after another person was murdered because of his skin color, has not quite understood what is going on. Queers*, workers* and women* have also fought hard for progress, protests have been bludgeoned by the state and one or the other house has been on fire. Equality and the end of discrimination are not given to you as a gift, having to fight for it is unfortunately part of this world. Therefore, no matter in which form, absolute support for the current protests against racism. But not only the miserable debate to peaceful protest we do not want here, also the constant pointing to problems in America must have an end. There is also racism and violence by the police and other authorities in Germany. The situation in Germany and those affected and murdered are to be highlighted separately, now to the focus of this text:

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