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[Disclaimer: in the following Text we are writing about the Street “Mohren-Gasse” in Ulm. The german term “Mohr” is racist and colonialist, so we shorten it and the alley with M. and M.-Lane. Also please note that english is not our native language, please excuse our errors and strange sentences structure]

Today an open letter was published, which was initiated by the Green Youth Ulm/Neu-Ulm. They call for a renaming of the M.-Gasse in Ulm. We have co-signed it.

the M.-Street in Berlin, which will soon be renamed

Since summer 2019 the M.-Gasse is a much discussed topic in the city of Ulm. In this debate, various statements made by the CDU, the Mayor and the Mayor of Culture showed something that we have been criticizing time and again for years:

The city of Ulm is desperately trying to build up an image as an international city, but there is often a lack of expertise and willingness to deal with real existing discrimination.

For us this was clearly visible in the flopped image film in October 2019 or the racist attack in Schaffnerstraße in August 2019, which was committed by an employee of the city of Ulm. To this day, the city remains silent about the employment relationship and the announced critical discussion about the film never happend.

We don’t want to go into the subject of M.-Gasse here, the open letter stands for itself.

It is more important to us, to emphasize the voices of the People of Color who have expressed their opinions on this topic:

What bothers us is that this whole debate gives the impression that this is a new topic. If you do a little research, you will find out, that more than a decade ago there were already debates about racist places and names. Especially in 2004, when, among other things, the renaming of M.-Straße was demanded in Berlin and the symbol of Sarotti was changed.

There are books such as “Afrika and the german Language” by Susan Arndt from 2004, in which the origin and meaning of racist terms are presented in detail. In this book, several definitions of the term M. clearly show the negative connotation and colonialist origin. Susan Arndt comes to the following conclusion:

“The term “M.” is completely dispensable.” – Susan Arndt

We agree with this and it is clear to us, that the street must be renamed. The suggestion by the city to leave the name as ist is and to put up an additional sign with explaning text, is not sufficient. It is a rotten compromise that ignores the needs of black people.

Either Way that would not be the end of the issue of racism or racism in the cityscape. There are other monuments, streets and stores in Ulm we should talk about. And we must not only talk about places in an abstract way. Racism affects people, in the here and now.

If we seriously want to fight racism we have to listen to the people concerned, talk to them and not about them and support them.

Statement: With Solidarity through the crisis

[disclaimer: english is not our native language, please excuse our errors and strange sentences structure]

Together with 15 other groups, unions and organizations, we have today published a statement for a solidarity-based city community and against right-wing ideas and conspiracy myths:


At the beginning of June we had already organized a rally with several other groups where we criticized different aspects of measures and their effects. Much of this is still true in our eyes.

Solidarity can be many things in these times. Starting with your own circle of friends to neighborhood help or support for people who are particularly affected, there are many possibilities.

Be attentive, pay attention to the people around you and support each other.

News Article:


Rally for the Dannenröder Forest

[disclaimer: english is not our native language, please excuse our errors and strange sentences structure]

This Wednesday we are organizing a rally together with the Green Youth, the Left Party and Young and Queer to show solidarity with the activists in and around the Dannenröder Forest.

One person who was in the Forest will talk about their experiences there. We want also to discuss local current topics as the planned extension of the Konrad Adenauer Bridge.

You can find more Informations about the Topic in this joint text of the involved groups:

you can find more Informations about the Danni forest and the situation right now on the account @keinea49 and this wunderful video

Forest instead of asphalt!

In the last few days we have hung up a banner in the “Ehinger Anlagen”. On the one hand as a small sign of solidarity from the foggy Ulm for all people who are active against the clearing in the “Dannenröder Forst” and are exposed to police violence and repression. On the other hand as a local sign against a planned eight-lane expansion of the “Adenauer Brücke”.

Forest instead of asphalt! System change not climate change!

Black Lives Matter in Ulm

Note: English is not our native language, the following is translated mostly with help from the DeepL Translator. If you find errors (or some funky german style sentence structure) feel free to write us.

Sent to us by INPUT Ulm, which held this text in a slightly shortened version yesterday (13.06.2020) at the Black Lives Matter rally in Ulm.

Structural racist violence – police

All cops!?

Right now it is once again a topic: racism in the American police. A man was brutalized and ultimately suffocated by several white police officers. Our thoughts are with George’s relatives and the black community during these difficult days. The latter is justifiably taking to the streets and experiencing, as always, enormous violence and brutality at the hands of the police. But there are some things we are fed up with – and here are some clear statements: Yes, militant and non-peaceful forms of protest are okay! Change has to be fought for and that is what people are taking to the streets for. Who now asks for pacifism, after another person was murdered because of his skin color, has not quite understood what is going on. Queers*, workers* and women* have also fought hard for progress, protests have been bludgeoned by the state and one or the other house has been on fire. Equality and the end of discrimination are not given to you as a gift, having to fight for it is unfortunately part of this world. Therefore, no matter in which form, absolute support for the current protests against racism. But not only the miserable debate to peaceful protest we do not want here, also the constant pointing to problems in America must have an end. There is also racism and violence by the police and other authorities in Germany. The situation in Germany and those affected and murdered are to be highlighted separately, now to the focus of this text:

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